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January, the sixth

January, the sixth

Автор: Maria Bakalova
(5 гласа)

The mystery of “January, the sixth”

In its subtle spirituality a can compare “January, the sixth” with the timeless book of the mysterious and enigmatic Finn “Mr. God, This Is Anna”, which took the world by storm.

January, the sixth is a complete and whole esoteric work. On the Sixth of January (notice that the year has been deliberately excluded), noting and everything will happen at the same time. The Sun will pass the third shoulder of the Cross and the world as we know it (do we?) will enter its autumn and our naive cravings for the material will change. Our senses will finally be opened to the spiritual world. Aristarchos of Samos (300 year B.C.) was one of the first men who discussed the End of the World. Maria Bakalavo dose not foresee ruin, because the Miracle begins within us. We must return to the primordial, the wordless and deserted infinity of God, we must see ourselves as a part of the Great Mystery in the Universal Being.

I am sure that Maria Bakalova heard her own words before they were realized, that they were dictated form somebody beyond that in her work carries the insight of all the religions known to men and all fundamental beginnings.

The twenty two essays (as much as the letters of the Kabbalah) are written with a lyrical sense and note of Speech. Welcome to this book.

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Детайли за книгата :
Автор: Maria Bakalova
Издател: Пет Плюс
Година: 2012
ISBN: 978-954-462-158-2

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