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Fate of the word

Fate of the word

Автор: Petio Hristov
(6 гласа)

What will happen in 21.12.2012 year and thereafter.

Perhaps the era in which we live is such that the modern man is given a chance to rediscover that which already exists on earth in one form or another to make sense of knowledge and laws which operate in every living organism, laws which can be equally applied in any part of the universe.

The answers to these questions: "What is the primary chicken or the egg?” and "Who is God's building block?” would help us to understand why do we have a defined the past, and also why do we have a certain future. This understanding can be helped by the general theory of unity, and also "The law of unity." They confirm much of the knowledge of ancient civilizations and understanding the myths from another point of view allows us a peek into the future.

The Mayans, Egyptians and Indians knew the cyclical development of the universe, and the Mayan calendar, ending in 2012 reflects the end of a development cycle.

From the book can learn:

- What will happen;

- In which cycle do we take part, and this would help us make sense of why we have a defined the past, but also determine the future;

- When "end" of life in the material world will come and why;

- With which aliens will we meet and why. From where will they be?

In his research, the author tries to answer many questions.

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Автор: Petio Hristov
Издател: Пет Плюс
ISBN: 978-954-462-148-3

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